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Restore Your Smile at a Calgary Denture Clinic
I am writing this to let you know how much Jody has changed my life with his dedication to his patients.

Thanks to you and your team I have the best smile I have ever had.  I can now smile with confidence and get many compliments.  Jody, you truly are a genuine caring soul who was honest and upfront with me, offered support, patience, kindness and were absolutely professional.

Your team was incredible and super supportive from the beginning – all the way through to the end.  Each staff member took the time necessary to make sure the whole process was completed right.  No one has ever spent the time needed to get the job done right and I can honestly say I am blown away with what you where able to accomplish with the impossible situation you had to work with.

I am so happy I can eat again and have no pain.  You are a credit to your profession and craft.  I will never forget how hard you and your team worked to help me.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul and appreciate your patience on this crazy ride.

Thanks again for everything Jody, I cannot thank you and your team enough for everything you have all done for me.

Linda M

Linda. M

In November 2014, at the age of 76, I had my remaining upper teeth removed and 5 implants placed.  Sheri made a temporary denture to wear during the healing.  After healing Sheri made me a screw retained fixed upper denture with open palate.  Since then I have had no issues with my teeth, I eat anything and have no discomfort.  The cost was not untoward compared to the dentist’s costs of trying to maintain my original teeth with root canals, bridges, fillings ect. along with discomfort.  I had asked for quotes from 3 different providers and Westside was the best price by far.  Had I known about implants I would have had them installed 20 years earlier.
Neil B.

WDC is professional, courteous and willing to be flexible around my work schedule.

Westside is a delightful denture centre.  Friendly, professional and they not only offer high quality products and full service follow up, they communicate well.  They make everything pleasant and I was well informed with emphasis on personal choice.  Highly recommend they have great staff.

I am very pleased with the service .  The procedure was very thorough and was seen right away at every visit.  It was a very good experience from start to finish.  I would recommend WDC to anyone.

Westside Denture Centre is warm and friendly office who provides a professional service.  Sheri instills confidence as she obviously knows her business.  Shirley the receptionist makes one feel very welcome.  I would recommend.

My last dentures were made over 10 years ago and I was nervous about getting new ones. It was a lot easier than I remembered and it was nice to have a choice of the kind of dentures I wanted. They made my dentures look like my real teeth I had years ago…I love them.
Cecelia M.

I have been a Realtor for 23 years and I deal with people every day. I was self conscious about my teeth for the last 13 years. I tried to hide my smile when I talked and I was quite embarrassed that I let it get so bad. Jody and Sheri took the time to listen and understand my embarrassment. They gave me several options to fit my budget instead of just telling me what to do. Now I feel much more confident and relaxed with my clients and I can chew anything now. I very much appreciated their expertise and professionalism.
Harvey C.

The staff made me feel very comfortable and in I liked that they gave me options. My new dentures are so comfortable, Thank you so much.
Adella B.

When I first heard about implants from my husband’s sister, I thought it sounded painful and wasn’t for me but after my first visit with Sheri she made me feel very relaxed and at ease. She took the time to explain everything. She was so right, it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. My dentures don’t move anymore and I can eat carrots, apples and corn on the cob again. I wish I would have done it years ago.
Brenda H.

I have always wanted to have nice teeth but could never afford it. I don’t have good teeth and even hated to open my mouth so when I saw the Snap On Smile on their website I wanted to try it.  I know its not permanent but at least I don’t have to so embarrassed anymore. They’re great!
Melissa N.

I have had many set of dentures as I am 75 and had my first set at 20 years of age. Never have I had a Denturist offer me such clear, concise and caring information as to what was to take place each step of the way and why each step being done. Everything that was done with the making of my dentures was done right there in front of me. Sherri assured me that it was utmost importance that I feed good about the fit of my dentures and the looks of the dentures. She also has the perfect receptionist for pre and post follow up with all appointments. I am highly satified with my new dentures which I recieved November 30, 2016.
Jeannette C.

I would like to let everyone know how positive and great my experience with WDC has been!  Since my injury at work 2 years ago I went from having an above average set of nice teeth to having a broken jaw and several missing teeth. At the time of injury health care covered my jaw surgery but nothing relating to my teeth. I wasn’t in a position to pay what to me was a huge amount of money. I had no insurance and my employer decided he wasn’t responsible for anything! The pain of exposed roots from broken teeth and the metal plate installed in my jaw was utter torture to brush anything properly. I also was experiencing a lot of judgement from the others as it’s always the assumption bad teeth means drug use or lazy gross habits. I trudged thru and smiled ALOT less. 🙁 Anyways the point I’m trying to make is phoning WDC and talking to my favorite receptionist Shirley and meeting with Sheri I was immediately at ease! I’m very good at reading people and I felt so comfortable with both of them. She was so great and knowledgeable! And seeing the true inner happiness in her when I first smiled with my new teeth I knew I made the right choice choosing her. (I did check with and meet 3 others before choosing Sheri) there is absolutely no reason in my mind why anyone would go anywhere else!! The care and time she invested in me was so priceless she even made me a custom whitening tray for the 4 teeth I have remaining LOL!! Anyways my long drawn out point here is THANK YOU!!! My confidence is back and you many never truly know how much you have helped and renewed my faith in the fact is its NOT all about money. There is still warm caring compassionate people out there and one of them is my new favorite person Sheri. Lastly I would like to add the receptionist Shirley is just great. What a super person!! Love her attitude it just wonderful!! So thank you WDC for giving me a reason to smile and show off my Beautiful new Teeth!!!
Sincerley, Trent
Trent M.

The obvious ordeal after dental surgery I was full of apprehensions. Not so at Westside where the care and professional attitude has been amazing and reassuring with clarification and honesty. Office reception has been welcoming and positive. Thank you for your patience on my behalf.

Very accommodating!  My mom’s bridge broke. The staff got us an appointment quickly and my mom needing a new partial were very accommodating. Thank you! Not to mention a no pressure environment.

Westside Denture Centre was a great experience for me. Sheri is very reassuring and very professional. I was very pleased with the service and quality of the work. I would definitely return for their wonderful service.

Good pleasant, particular service. Sheri explains each step and is very particular on making teeth fit.

My experience at Westside Denture was very positive. My partial dentures fit very well. Pleased with the service I received from the staff and Sheri. Would highly recommend. Easy to get too and pleasant surroundings, even have a coffee while you wait. Try it out

With dentures over fifty years old presenting a challenge to replace, the various options were explained clearly and knowledgeably with questions and feedback encouraged during the process. Materials and workmanship appear top notch. The new dentures were completed efficiently as promised, fit well and look great.

Everything has gone great at WDC.  I am coming back for the second time for new dentures.  Sheri told me last time she would work with me until they felt right and she did.  They look great, I love the shape, Thank you.

2’nd denture here!  Excellent service!  Excellent final product!  Friendly and extremely helpful staff.  I will always come back to Westside as long as Sheri and company are here!

I have been very satisfied with the service.  Sheri has been thorough and explains things well.  Thank you so much for the care.