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As the weather starts to warm up, we are all anxious to get out and enjoy some fun activities. You can
find below things to do with family and friends.


Fort Calgary


Fort Calgary stands as a historic site, presenting a wealth of exhibits about Treaty 7, Métis impact in
Alberta and Calgary’s formative years. This museum is a treasure trove of historical insights, offering a
window into Calgary’s history. With an array of year-round events and workshops, including fireside
storytelling, cinema nights, and beading crafts, Fort Calgary provides engaging experiences that are
sure to captivate the interest of the senior community.


The Lougheed House


Lougheed House is one of the only surviving examples of a grand sandstone prairie mansion. It was
originally built in 1891 by Senator Sir James Alexander Lougheed, a prominent senator, lawyer, and
businessman. This must-see home has opened up its doors to the public so Calgarians and visitors
can get a complete tour of the heritage building. Additionally, the magnificent architecture and
design of the building reveal unique surprises at every turn.


Calgary Zoo


The Calgary Zoo is a relaxing and awe-inspiring environment to spend time engaging with
educational tours, gardens, and wildlife. The zoo offers a casual yet stimulating walking experience
amidst the habitats of various animals, making it a great place for light exercise and mobility.
Additionally, The Calgary Zoo is a wonderful place for seniors to visit with friends, grandchildren, or
fellow seniors, fostering deeper relationships and creating cherished memories.