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You’ve gathered your supplies, personalized it all to make it unique and
beautiful, and you’re ready to start. Here we go!


Fill a large bowl with seed-starting mix and mix in a little water to evenly
moisten the soil. You might want to wear a face mask because this soil is very
fine and can irritate your airways.


Place your seed tray inside the drip tray and fill each cell to just below the top
with soil.


Sow your seeds. If the seeds are tiny, like lettuce or arugula seeds, sprinkle
just a few of them over the soil; if they’re larger, like pumpkin, or nasturtium
seeds, you can push 2 seeds into the soil in each cell (one is a backup in case
one doesn’t germinate). Sprinkle a little more soil over the top to cover the
seeds and mist until the surface is damp.
A good rule of thumb is to plant the seed to the same depth as its thickness.
For example, lettuce seeds need only a tiny sprinkling of soil to cover them
but a nasturtium should be covered with about 1/4” of soil.


Cover the tray and place it under your lights on the heat mat. Don’t forget your
plant labels!