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A disaster can occur at any given moment, so being prepared for future events is crucial.  For senior citizens, being prepared for an emergency situation is even more important, simply because most older adults have specific, unique needs such as medications and mobility devices. 

First Aid Kit

One of your main priorities post-disaster is to stay healthy and take care of any injuries because medical assistance may not be readily available. Your first aid kits should have at least the basic supplies to care for minor and major wounds. Keep two first aid kits- one in your home and the other one in your car.

  1. Basic sanitation and cleaning items
  2. Wound dressings
  3. Medicinal
  4. Tools (thermometer, tweezers, scissors etc)
  5. Food
  6. Water
  7. Clothing
  8. Light & Heat

I hope these tips were helpful to you as you prepare your emergency kits. Even if you can’t get all the items gathered at once, it’s necessary to start somewhere. Use this resource as a checklist which can be put together within a reasonable time-frame.