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Senior Volunteering Opportunities 

Foster animals.

A big need animal shelters have is temporary homes for their animals while they look for the right
permanent homes for them. If you’re able to take cats or dogs in (even if it’s just one at a time), you’ll be
helping them make their resources go further and improve the animals’ lives in the meantime.
If you know you love animals and are willing to put the effort and time in to take good care of them, then
check with your local shelter about becoming a foster owner for their anim.

Become a Meals on Wheels driver.

If you’re comfortable and safe driving, then you can help out other seniors by volunteering with Meals on
Wheels. Meals on Wheels drivers perform an important service: making sure that people who would
otherwise struggle to get enough company and food have the accessibility to both. This type of volunteer
work enables you to make new connections and know you’re fulfilling a real need.

Join Senior Corps.

Senior Corps volunteers provide a range of services to the community. They help mentor young people,
support relief teams during disasters, and aid caregivers and seniors who need some extra help. If you
like the idea of getting involved in an organization that’s all about stepping in wherever needed in the
community, this one may be just right for you.